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    Returning To Cultural Basics

      “Returning To Cultural Basics” is a tale through the seasons, from dawn to dusk, from birth to death to re-birth. The artwork is a multi-media collage illustrating local ecological patterns and humanities place within it all. The work is […]

    The Verge Permaculture Grad Series

    At this turning point in human history, where people from all walks of life have begun searching for a more fulfilling and sustainable way of living, these PDC graduates show what is possible, and in doing so demonstrate the essence of the permaculture movement that is sweeping Calgary and the world. We hope that watching these videos inspires you as much as we were inspired by creating them; so kick back, press play, and enjoy watching positive, practical change in action!

    The Field Manual: a compendium of local influence

    A 16 wall, multi-sculptural public art project found along the river in the East Village of Calgary, AB. Commissioned by the CMLC as a 2 year temporary piece.

    A Photo Booth @ Market Collective

    This photo booth was for one of Market Collective’s Christmas edition markets. We repurposed old pallets, unused cardboard tubes and off cut logs to create the backdrop which suggests a mountainous cabin flavor. Throw in a few onesies, animal costumes and power tools and we had a fun and engaging photo experience. The concept was to have the backdrop be collapsable in order to reuse the backdrop as a partition wall for Cody’s bedroom / studio / quest den.

    the abundance festival

    Crossing over a variety of cultural niches within Calgary, Abundance was a festival for celebrating, honoring and discovering. The day consisted of free workshops, a locally grown dinner party, a collaborative art exhibition, live painting, inspirational speakers, an interactive dance performance and local bands & DJ’s all night long.

    the ins & outs of Finca Bellavista

    The lifestyle of an Ewok was always a dream. Then hearing about a couple who created an off-grid tree house community and wanted to collaborate on some projects… well, the dream began to become reality…

    chinatown rooftops

      Between cultures of east and west, between the younger generation and the elders, between family members, between areas within yourself, between the stranger waiting in line next to you there are gaps everywhere that can be bridged. At times […]