the abundance festival



The law of abundance states that there is plenty and prosperity in all things. The universe holds abundance in all energy forms and provides unlimited options for anything and everything we could want or need. Abundance is not simply about wealth or financial energy; it is a mindset that everything you need will be provided for you because the universe exists in abundance. Your energetic vibration determines what you attract, and what you attract comes to you in abundance. Look around your life and observe your patterns and beliefs about love, success, money, creative expression, and personal fulfillment. There will be a common thread between all areas of life that will be evident through the law of abundance. If you are trusting in one area of your life, it will show up in all areas. If you are fearful in one area, it will also show up in all areas since it relates to the same root cause. The key determinant is the energetic vibration you hold around self-worth.





The Abundance Acronym (a collaborative art exhibition)



A is for Appreciate & Allow / Kym Chi

Gratitude fills my soul for the ever present abundance in my life connecting deep with the earth and collective consciousness. A bridge is created crossing over to the infinite appreciating, allowing recognition of my place here. My heart opens wide seeing light bringing wholeness to being. Light beaming from within out to the world, seeing intrinsic value in everything and creating universal abundance of love…




B is for Babes / Jaryd Adairski

The world is full of babes. Decades of babes have been photographed for all to admire. I bring to you the finest babes from 1440 present. Enjoy.



U is for Unity & Undersatnding / Katie Green

Through allowing unity in the natural order of growth and decay, and of life and death, we begin to accept and understand a deep synthesis of self and of our existence and energy in this world. This awareness opens our consciousness, our purpose, and our discovery. This journey is a time where we face our inner darkness in all its forms, and see that it guides us to our inner light where an unconditional source of abundance is awakened. This unity reminds us that we are forever in this natural world, untouched as our spirits breathe. As equals to this earth, we free ourselves from the limits of knowing only our kind, tuning into the primal rhythms in which we all share the same roots. Releasing the superiority that holds our species, we are brought closer to self-truth and self-abundance. Sigh like the wind, open your chest and feel us attach as the connection of spirit reminds us that we are all born one.



N is for Next, New & Not-relevant / Henry Raul Yu



D is for Diversity / The Kid Belo



A is for Action / Jermaine Bucknor

This piece represents a call for action. All products are manufactured with a predetermined shelf life, nothing is “built to last”. If we continue to accept this existing state of affairs and continue to consume till we have “everything” but really nothing; and discard it after it out lives our attention span, we will not be able to acquire true abundance. Through our path of self (the world as it exists within us) actualization we need to determine what our life is truly abundant in so we can share with those around us and connect on a level beyond our material possessions. I chose to use everyday discarded products as my medium to show that everything exists for a greater good and has a use. If we strive to find that use, we can help to preserve our existence and and that of future generations to come. The world will always be (a)round. Will we?



N is for Nonsensical / daniel J kirk

A balance between dark and light. The nonsensical thoughts are abundant and allow for anything. Embrace and surrender.



C is for Craftsmanship

It is fascinating to witness the countless examples of ingenuity developed by human beings as we all seek to create homes and social environments for ourselves. The intrigue and satisfaction felt when skillfully problem solving your way to a functional solution, whether it be a home, piece of music, garden, or even a debate, is the result of having the ability and understanding to manipulate or craft ones medium, whatever it may be. Our ability to make real our intentions is relatable to so much more than carpentry and it is through this “hands on approach” to life, if you will, that great fulfillment can be achieved.



E is for Everyday Evolutionaries / Cody Thompson & kai CB


looking around we see reflections of change

within one, within all, shifting forward the uni brain


subtle yet profound transformations in thought

give rise to actions that trancend the packaged and bought


from diet re-calibration

to locking down a solid passion perpetuating station


those inspired to let be their heart’s true callin’

we salute you, for moment to moment you redefine what it means to be ballin’