The Field Manual: a compendium of local influence


The artwork is a collaborative effort that stems from the idea of the East Village. Individual stories and collective history informed our personal ideas about what East Calgary may have been and what it may be. The work – a collection of ideas –merges past, present and future into a playful interpretation of place. This place is a confluence of nature, culture and infrastructure. The work finds specific context where the Elbow River meets the Bow, old traditions intersect and inform new trends and displacement/replacement, growth and decay are evident around each bend.

Traditional art-making techniques are layered with digital processes which create the images and sculptures. The work is comprised of paint, print, EPS foam, vector lines, steel, stucco, photography and vinyl among other materials. It is a guide for exploring the relationships that texture our experience.


By Daniel J Kirk, Ivan Ostapenko and Kai CB
In collaboration with Cody Thompson, Katie Green, Rob Reuser and Bryna Trollope



post-pre-CPRPre / Post Canadian Pacific Railway

IRON and RUST thrust forth from the misty calm. All things rattled with uncertainty and steam began to block out the sun. New ideas, BRAVE souls and the ignorant unloaded and reloaded as the revolving pistons brought white lace and change. The WORLD, the NEW WORLD, the ANCIENT WORLD. Fire, water, fire arms and the first fires of one thousand camps created the need for red to meet red. The last spike brought more stories and the hope that honesty would somehow prevail.


cat's-cradleCats Cradle

PLAY… Small hands with big ideas. Generations of thought now silent amidst the reconstitution of everything. A game to some, the essence of life to others… SURVIVAL. The hope for future peoples to see truth. Re-working the IMAGINATION to be inclusive of all NATIONS. A cultural merge that helps to guide the building blocks of a new identity. The whispers of children haunt us and remind us that to invest in community is to continue to inspire the young, to allow them to care, to explore, to play.


home-treeHome Tree

TRANSPLANTED and replanted, unplanted and unearthed. The secrets of the wise. Ancient remixes made new. From the environment and now for the environment aren’t we the environment too? True potential made aware. What does it mean to COEXIST? We learn through practice, through patience, through stillness. And arrive continually on a journey as nature working.



Infrastructure. Designed with a responsibility to the public the new library stands tall as the people who once walked through the  unspoiled grasslands. Children will learn about how to shoot an arrow and butcher a deer, how to grow their own food and how to live without three cars. A monument to CULTURE, to NATURE and to INFRASTRUCTURE.




From the tiny seed a giant did tread upon the land. Standing tall, the giant sprawled out and began to grow. Section by section the muscles were stretched from bone. This is the place where the two rivers merge, clean water creates fertile land and more people continue to journey WEST. In this place the sunning coyote flirts with the misplaced gull and as many worlds collide actions have reactions, labeled as good and bad.



Mother Nature

New forms of survival are motorized and are available in any colour you choose. Hides hang on dusty walls and roads ebb through foothills of gold. The way of life in this place has been forever changed but nestled along the mountainous backbone of our mother this is unique optimism spills forth through learning the patterned language of her sweet grass hair.



Nature Box



Infrastructure Box



Culture Box






coyote   rabbit

Coyote                                                                                          Rabbit





And to enjoy the process…







studiofloodhand-wireframe cat's-cradle-breakdown